“Bioptimizers Magnesium is the swiss army knife of all the magnesium supplements.”

We went through many existing Bioptimizers Magnesium reviews. And we shouldn’t break this, but we were not impressed! Why? Because they seemed promotional more than personal experiences.

Come on, how do we know the product works if you keep talking about its sciences and logic? Do you care for your readers? Share the insight!

  • tell them how the product benefits
  • show them the use cases
  • share the side effects if any

But then we realized we sounded “too demanding” to be asking for honest Magnesium Breakthrough reviews. Especially from people who barely experienced it. So we decided to test Bioptimizers Magnesium ourselves and draft our experiences.

So with this review, you’ll know if you need to spend hard-earned money on one of the elements of the periodic table you’ve probably heard all your childhood— Magnesium.

What is Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough?

“Magnesium Breakthrough by Bioptimizers is an anti-stress supplement made up of seven rich-forms of beneficial Magnesium.”

No, we aren’t getting into its chemistry now, but think of Bioptimizers Magnesium as a one-pill-fixes-all kind of a supplement. Yes, you heard it right. The pill has all the seven Magnesium your body needs to respond to stress and a destructive sleep cycle.

But this is what Bioptimizers— the manufacturers— claim. Do we share the same views? Well, you’ll have to read this review to find it out.

What did we order?

To begin our test, we ordered three bottles of Magnesium Breakthrough for three members.

You may ask why not one, but three? Well, here’s the deal. Three bottles cost us 33$ each. It would have pulled out another 7$ (40$ each) from our pockets if we ordered one bottle.

So even before we started testing Magnesium Breakthrough, they had already won an inch of our hearts. After all, 15% is a big deal if you’re on a regular Magnesium supplement. Isn’t it?

Now you must be waiting to hear our experiences, but before that, let’s find out what you can order.

What can you order?

Your order depends on what you’re looking for.

Ask yourself:

  • How long have you been prescribed with Magnesium Breakthrough supplement?
  • How many members in your family need Magnesium Breakthrough to boost their immune system?

Once you have answered these questions, you’re set to pick your orders from these pricing models:

  • One bottle cost: 40$ (no saving)
  • Three bottles cost: 33$/bottle (save 15%) (most popular)
  • Six bottles cost: 30$/bottle (save 25%)
  • Twelve bottles cost: 29$/bottle (save 28%) (best value)

Subscription-based pricing model

The subscription-based pricing model makes most sense if you’re Magnesium deficient and your doctor has advised continuous intake.

Also, this model should suit you if you’re not willing to spend a large chunk of your salary once at a time.

Cost after subscription: 35.20$ (save 12%)

What benefits will you experience?

We followed the Magnesium loading program for six weeks, and the results surprised us.

Based on our experiences, we feel you may experience more or less similar benefits.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #1: Your heart may start behaving properly

Sometimes your skin turns pale, and your body turns numb. The other times you feel a hint of inflammation in your chest. And let’s not talk about stress. It can Breakthrough in any shape and size in your daily routine, like running or eating.

Well, all these problems are not mere coincidences. The signal at abnormal heart behavior. Studies show the lack of Magnesium (Hypomagnesemia) may affect how your heart works. (1)

We experienced the same issues before having Magnesium. But then these Magnesium forms improved the cardiovascular system and its activities a lot more than we thought. (2) Here’s what we observed:

Our observations

  • We didn’t feel arterial stiffness. So Magnesium did the biohacking trick on our blood vessel health.
  • The chest felt a lot more relaxed than earlier. Inflammation had gone down.
  • Our skin didn’t turn pale for no reason. Magnesium had ensured the blood reached all over properly.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #2: You may deal with stress more efficiently

Suppose you’re going nuts over to finish the office deadline but can’t get it done on time. Or if the slightest of pressure affects your performance in general, maybe your brain and body are home to certain stressful conditions, and you’re running short of Magnesium. Studies suggest Hypomagnesemia causes stressful conditions. (3)

Here’s what you can observe:

  • photosensitive headache,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • audiogenic stress,
  • cold stress, &
  • physical stress.

Our condition was no different. All three of us were suffering from mild to acute stress. But then stress response grew stronger with Bioptimizers Magnesium. (4)

Our observations

  • We could focus on work without feeling performance anxiety. Magnesium acted as a stress relief agent.
  • We didn’t wake up mentally fatigued and physically tired. The headache disappeared. Magnesium Breakthroughs have played a key role in regulating the stress response.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #3: Your brain fitness may touch skies

Most industries are mentally demanding these days; you can’t let your mood and mental state slip as and when you want. But it’s also impossible to be in the best state every day because we all are mildly depressed. (5)

You are maybe moodier than you really know! Chances are high your mood reflects a lot on work too. Either way, lack of Magnesium for all the different forms may have been the reason for a mood disorder. (6)

Even our team members, especially, writers have significant mood swings. One week, they would write four articles; the other month, only 2. But Magnesium Breakthrough works in a way our team works like keyboard warriors every day. (7)

Our observations

  • Our mood didn’t reflect on the work we did, catering great content to you. Magnesium sets our moods to boost performance, the very reason why you’re reading the ultimate buying guide on Bioptimizers Magnesium.
  • We could feel a consistent mood across the working hours after two weeks. Our brain health had improved. Thanks to this amazing biohacking brain supplement.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #4: You may achieve healthy blood sugar level, metabolism, and weight loss

The urge to feel thirsty and frequenting the bathroom may be a sign of a high blood sugar level. You may even be gaining weight too rapidly. All these signs suggest that your metabolic functions are not in the best state. (8)

Although none of us had high sugar levels, metabolic issues such as stomach upset, excessive stomach acid, unexplained weight gain, etc., made us try Magnesium full spectrum supplements. The least we can say is— our metabolic health improved significantly in the first week itself. (9)

So if you’re a

  • type-2 diabetic patient, or
  • pregnant woman with gestational diabetes, or (10)
  • Patient with metabolic syndrome.

Then you may consider seven forms of Magnesium to promote healthy blood sugar hormone and metabolic functions.

Our observations

  • Our waist circumferences measured less. Magnesium supplements helped us lose weight by a few ounces in the first three weeks. (11)
  • We didn’t need to worry about sugar levels anymore. Our metabolic system worked efficiently.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #5: You get to exercise your favorite moves more routinely

Well, muscle building is your best routine, and it’s your favorite biceps day. But there’s a terrible pain in your arms. You haven’t probably recovered yet. You notice the body takes more time to recover than your peers. Why? Maybe your body doesn’t have enough muscle recovering Magnesium

We felt the exact muscle cramps. Our designer feels muscle cramps even when they’ve taken adequate rest and better sleep. That said, Magnesium enhanced our workout performance. No, it didn’t look like a magic bullet. But it came close to it.

Our observation

  • The muscles felt relaxed and pain-free. Magnesium enhanced our recovery period, and we felt more energetic in a short time.
  • We felt Magnesium reduced muscle damage significantly.



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